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Want to make the best burgers, meatballs or even meatloaf? Well then, Grind Your Own Beef!


  1. For the best flavor, the meat you use for grinding shouldn't be too lean. We like to combine chuck and sirloin for burgers, with the addition of a bit of fat (try bacon!). The key, no matter what kind of blend you opt for is making sure that the mix has a relatively high fat content. That's where the juiciness and much of the flavor comes from. For a luscious burger, try 70 percent meat and 30 percent fat.

  2. Brisket, Hanger Steak or Short Rib add flavor too, or how about getting really extravagant and grinding your own Kobe beef burgers? (One of the best burgers we've ever had was at Minetta Tavern in NYC, who grinds dry-aged steak with short rib and brisket for the bold flavor of its Black Label burger.)

  3. The method of grinding your own meat (lamb, pork, veal, poultry or game) using the grinder attachment of your Kitchen Aid Mixer works best. You can use your food processor too, but be sure to pulse instead of blend, for better texture. Freezing the meat helps it hold its shape better and keeps it firm, so it goes through the grinder more easily, so consider freezing the cubed meat for 10 to 15 minutes before grinding. Also, starting with semi-frozen meat is smart from a food safety standpoint.

  4. Chef's Tip: Put the blade, the grinding plate and the rotating "grind worm" in the freezer along with the meat. Then, assemble the grinder when you're ready to begin. If you have room in the freezer, you can even store these parts in the freezer all the time.

  5. So, test a few combinations (or invite us over for burgers!) and let us know how your signature grind turns out.

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