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I love everything about chicken wings; the crispy skin, the dipping sauces and their finger-licking appeal. Buffalo Wings, Szechuan Wings, Teriyaki Wings, BBQ Wings…I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love wings!

They’re the perfect party food, since you can make large batches and keep them warm in a chafing dish or re-warm them in the oven. You can fry chicken wings, bake them, or grill them, and experiment with an endless array of marinades, sauces and dippers to keep your armchair quarterbacks munching all throughout the game. Here’s a tutorial and some extra tips for making the ultimate wings.


    • Buy “Party Wings” for a cleaner, simpler version that are ready to cook straight from the package. If you buy wings that still have the wing tip attached, I recommend that you do remove it as it tends to burn during cooking and doesn’t add any meatiness to your chomping pleasure. To remove the wing tips, use a sharp knife or meat cleaver to cut the wing tip off at the elbow joint. Save the wing tips in the freezer and throw them into the pot the next time you make homemade chicken stock. Separate the drumette from the wing at the joint and use both parts in your recipe.
    • Approximately 12 wings = 1 pound
    • For juicier wings, consider brining the raw wings in a combination of 4 cups water, 3 tablespoons kosher salt and 2 tablespoons brown sugar. Brine the wings for an hour, before seasoning then frying or baking.
    • The best way to marinate wings is to place the wings in a resealable bag pour the marinade over the wings and seal the bag. Turn the bag to coat the wings and allow the wings to marinate for at least 30 minutes.
    • Looking for a leaner wing? Bake then Broil. Roast the wings at 400° for 30 minutes, then broil on high heat to create extra smoky flavor and golden color.

    • Double Fry! The first round of frying is for developing color and cooking the meat, but the wings will not be crispy. Fry a second time for a really crispy wing with great crunch.
    • PS: You can do the first round of frying up to a day in advance and store the wings in the fridge overnight. Fry for the second time right before you’re ready to serve.
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