Pronounced Chair-i-moya

This heart-shaped sub-tropical fruit from Melissa’s will leave you pleasantly surprised with its tasteful blend of pineapple, pear, lemon, mango and strawberry flavors. On the outside, the Cherimoya has a pale green, shingled skin that must be handled with care to avoid bruising. Inside, the ivory-colored flesh of the Cherimoya is creamy (similar to a ripe peach) and contains several black inedible seeds.

Originally grown by Inca farmers in Ecuador and Peru, the Cherimoya is now savored world-wide. Pollination is done by hand to ensure an abundant crop.

To enjoy, simply cut into wedges and spoon out flesh, discarding the seeds. It’s easy to create a tropical flair when adding Cherimoya to salads, fruit drinks and desserts.

Melissa’s Cherimoyas are hand-selected for excellent quality. Choose fruit that is firm and allow to ripen at room temperature. Handle with care. As the Cherimoya begins to ripen, the skin will begin to turn a darker green, brown or grayish color and will yield to gentle pressure. Another indication of ripeness is when the stem can be easily removed from the fruit. Refrigerate soft fruit and use as soon as possible for best flavor.

This item is perishable and must ship at least 2nd Day.

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