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On the Radio

On the Radio

Listen this Sunday, May 21st, 2017 for
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What's Cooking?

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Jamie Gwen: CIA Grad, TV Chef & Five Time Cookbook Author

Jamie Gwen: CIA Grad, TV Chef &
Five Time Cookbook Author

Jamie is a Celebrity Chef, Certified Sommelier & Lifestyle Expert who can be seen stirring up something delicious on television, on the radio and in print from coast-to-coast. She brings the best to radio with her weekly Syndicated Radio Show, filled with delicious conversation on all things culinary, heard every Sunday on Radio Stations across the country. Jamie can be seen on KTLA Channel 5, on HSN and on national television news shows sharing her seasonal lifestyle approach and her passion for food and her recipes are featured on Microsoft’s worldwide Food & Drink App. Jamie’s most recent cookbook, Co-Authored by Lana Sills, entitled “Good Food For Good Times 2”, is now available as an eBook and has been featured on The Talk, MasterChef, Emeril Live and Martha Stewart.


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